Our Vision - What We Stand For

  While our current New Zealand government claims to be standing high on the world stage of animal welfare -  Those of us who TRULY care for the well being of our countries animals, know that we don't even have a minister of animal welfare! 

It is incredibly hard to fathom how we are living in the modern 21st century, and this abhorrent level of suffering and industrialised violence to billions of innocent animals has become so 'normalised' in our society. The time to change things is NOW.

While a majority of New Zealanders may view our approach as extreme - We simply ask you, what else has worked up until now?

Both human rights and animal rghts are deeply and intrinsically interconnected. If we continue at the cruel and violent rate we are going, it will lead to our own demise, from the impact on our environment, to a massive decline in our countries mental and physical health. We are at the dawn of a very changing world, where the masses are waking up to the cruelty of animal exploitation, which is precisely why we are seeing a demand for more plant based products in our supermarkets.

While Jacinda speaks of a transformational new government in the way politics itself is viewed, New Zealand Animal Justice Party is calling also for a revolutionary and transformational change to the treatment of all animals species, at EVERY level.  And we promise you we will be UNRELENTING in our quest, until there is total justice for all animal species across all industries across our country....Because it SHOULD be our moral obligation to do this!

New Zealand Animal Justice Party calls for a complete BAN and total abolishment of each of the following..

1. A complete BAN on ALL levels of factory farming, including pigs in farrowing crates, chickens, goat farming, the list is long. NZAJP does NOT believe in or adhere the broken promises of "Phasing these practices out" over many years. If an entire country can be shut down in a global pandemic with only 48 hours notice - Then industries that are based on violence and cruelty can equally be shut down as quickly! 

2. A complete BAN on ALL Live Export ships carrying cattle! This simply MUST stop, effective IMMEDIATELY and we will be unrelenting in our pursuit to see that NO more live export ships, EVER leave our shores again. 

3. Abolishment of ALL intensive farming practices, including intensive Dairy farming - With proposed solutions to help farmers over this transformative period.

4. TOTAL BAN on the cruel use of 1080 poison - The majority of the country already stand strongly united on this - WHY is this horror continuing?

5. TOTAL BAN on hunting, duck shooting and all other forms of endangering wild life.

6. TOTAL BAN on animal experimentation at any level, whether medically or through study systems in universities - Particularly as we now have the technology that does not require animals to be killed to understand the impact on health or medically related issues. 

7. Dog pounds and animal shelters to undergo random and regular checks. to ensure that all of the current "5 Natural Freedoms' are being upheld and enforced. Cameras to be installed in all council pounds and animal shelters across New Zealand.


(Please note: We are at continuous work on this section as things progress and new information is gathered)

1. Intensive education within all schools, particularly at primary school level - the importance of respect to all animals, and their utter importance and impact on both our environmental and ecological pattern. 

The correlation between teaching children to respect animals, has been pyschologically proven for many years now to reduce violent crime and abuse in later life, which would create less of an impact on our already overwhelmed mental health system. 

2. Education around the importance of a healthy diet consists of based on the most leading research....The impact on our own health, as well as our environment and on other species.

3. Protection of ALL animal species in New Zealand, including protection of ALL wildlife, and new infrastructure and organisations implemented to ensure their care.

4. To appoint a new minister of animal welfare who is soley responsible for the portfolio of ensuring animal welfare has the full attention it requires.

5. To create a new Animal Policing system in New Zealand, where by all laws ( partiicularly the '5 natural freedoms') must be enforced and upheld.  MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries) has an invested interest in allowing animal cruelty and exploitation to continue, as it is sadly worth billions to the government to do so. Removal of MPI and DOC, to be replaced by new systems and infrastructure that are upheld to the leading scientific research and new ethical standards, pertaining to "All animal species must be considered as sentient, thinking, feeling beings, capable of feeling love, fear and distress" and must be respected and protected accordingly.

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