About New Zealand Animal Justice Party

Welcome to New Zealand Animal Justice Party - The first ever FULLY animal rights political party in our country's history about to be launched! All we need now, to bring this revolution to life is the legal requirement of 500 willing members prepared to stand with us!

We invite YOU to stand boldly with us on the political battlefield to fight against the injustice to the BILLIONS of animals who have suffered the most abhorrent and torturous violence  that is not only CRIMINAL, but  has disgustingly become 'normalised' in this country for WAY too long !If there has ever been a time to stand up and speak out in total solidarity....it is NOW!!!!

Meanwhile our government counts the dollars, with blood stained hands responsible for their tragic deaths. Our country's morals are laying in shreds on slaughter house floors, factory farms, crates and cages, and on horror filled Live export ships to China and the middle East. In a country that claims to be shining high on the world stage of animal welfare - We do not even have a minister of animal welfare!

We can NOT let almost 6000 innocent animals laying at the bottom of the South China sea have died in vain, or the BILLIONS of 4 day old bobby calves ripped from their grieving mothers and sent to their death go with turning a blind eye....If we do not stand up for them now, then WE are the criminals!

 NZAP invites YOU to join in this historical fight against the injustice to animals, as we stand together boldly on the political battle field of a new era for the innocent animals who have suffered too long!

There is a famous quote of animal liberation "If not us - Then who? If not now - then when?"

The time is NOW New Zealand- Will YOU stand with us?



Please also take a look at the current code for animal welfare, of which every single one of these "Five Freedoms" are being broken and breached right across this country! We need an animal welfare system who CAN enforce the law,

and we need it NOW!!!

                                                                                          THE FIVE FREEDOMS:























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